Influential People (originally published October 30, 2011)

The other day I received a letter from my niece’s English teacher.  Attached to the letter was a paper my niece wrote, in which her assignment was to write about the most influential person in her life; and she wrote about ME!  My first reaction was joy!  I was so touched by her selection, but as the days have passed I find myself a little overwhelmed to be considered an influential person in someone’s life!  It’s really kind of overwhelming!  Like having big shoes to fill or unspoken expectations to live up to – I mean, I wouldn’t want to ever do anything to become a person of no influence!  So, as I have reflected on this new title of being an “influential person”, I think that I will be a bit more thoughtful with my words and actions – and, I think that’s what Christ wants us all to do each and every day.  So, today as I have run late to church, spilled water (several times!), dropped several things, and really have had quite a clumsy day I will end my day in that reflection = that Christ wants me to think before I speak, think before I do, think before I jump to a conclusion or speculate something because in thinking about an action before doing it may just be what I may need to difuse an unkind word, or thought, or action – and, live up to His commandments and ultimately remain an influential person to my niece and all I encounter because I will be more like Him!  hmmm….I wonder if Christ was trying to send me a message through my niece’s lovely written paper?  I think so, and I think it was a gift, too.  After all, isn’t it just wonderful to feel truly loved?  Why, yes, it is!  Have a great week friends and look for the small joys tucked into each day! 🙂

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