Happy New New!

No, that is NOT a typ-o….I meant to type Happy New New!  Why?  Well, there once was a very special little girl that said that when she was a tiny tot and ever since I think of that on New Year’s Eve; and fondly smile at the memories created with that special someone.  That special someone is now grown and has her own family, and is creating more memories with her own little special someone.  And, so it goes….today we close the chapter of 2014 in our life book and begin a new chapter of 2015.  Today always seems to be a day of reflection for many ~ and me, in particular.  I reflect on what I did, what I didn’t, what I hoped for, and what I didn’t achieve.  So, today is a day I can choose to either be at peace with all of those things and look forward to the opportunity of the “new new”, or I can dwell on the negative of what I didn’t achieve, what didn’t go my way, etc….  I choose the “new new”!  I look forward to seeing what God has planned for 2015!  And, I am looking forward to my WORD for 2015….which I might add became my word for 2014 several months into the year……so…….. INTENTIONAL is what my I will be for 2015.  Yep, I’m going to be INTENTIONALLY intent!  ha, ha!  Pun intended!  I’m going to be INTENTIONAL at study God’s word and dig deep into it more INTENTLY!  I’m going to be INTENTIONAL about shining God’s light, while striving to be a Proverbs 31 Woman! I’m going to be INTENTIONAL about blogging more….because blogging makes me accountable.  I’ve got plans.  I’ve got goals.  I’ve got dreams for 2015, but I’m going to be INTENTIONALLY flexible and open to allowing God to direct the year ~ permit Him to be in control of the wheel and stay true to His direction.  I look forward to sharing my progress (and my failures, I’m open to doing that, too, as that is where true learning comes from!).  So, I’m off to go be INTENTIONAL with my preparation for ringing in the New Year with my family ~ I have a house to tidy and food to prepare!

Happy New New Everyone ~ may you delight in creating some memories! 🙂