GIVING ~ (originally published December 18, 2011)


The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. ~ Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur
I am exhausted today!  Not just from all the hard work I have done at work the last few weeks, but also from a day of shopping I spent with my dear niece, Maggie, and hubby yesterday….literally, we shopped until we nearly dropped! For eight hours we went from store to store selecting gifts for family members on our lists and with each one done we had this feeling of accomplishment when we could “cross off” another person from our list.  We were pretty tired when we got home last evening, but felt we had put in a productive day with a “mission accomplished”.  Then, I sit down at the computer this morning to read an on-line devotional and the first thing I read was the quote above….now I somehow don’t feel as productive as I did last evening.  I’m wondering now, did I really put a lot of meaningful thought into the gifts I selected or was it merely a “get this person this so that I can cross them off my list” kind of thought?  I have to admit that for several of the folks that is true!  I know that is NOT what I should have done.  My motto in life is to always bring glory and honor in all that I do to Jesus.  Without a shadow of a doubt I know that whatever gifts Jesus gives its not to accomplish a “mission”, but rather His mission to bless us.  I know by being so “mission/goal driven” I did not select gifts for some with the thoughtful love and care, so I resolve that each of those folks will get a handwritten note from me telling them how I feel about them, because I want them to know how much I do love and care for them.  And, THAT will bring glory and honor to Jesus and fully embrace the true spirit of giving.  I, also, resolve that from this day forward, I will only get a gift for someone that reflects how I feel about them or select a useful gift in a meaning of love and consideration and not a flippant mode of “get this done”! 
I am glad I read this quote today.  It made me stop and THINK and REFLECT about the true meaning of giving. I hope you have a wonderful week, friends, and know that Jesus loves you more than you can even imagine!  Merry Christmas!

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